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By fitasamonkey, Nov 8 2020 03:24PM

So it's been a while since I added a blog post....!

This week I trialled 3 different times for a post natal mummies and buggies exercise class in my new home town of Dunbar (East Lothian). They went down really well and I've decided to keep going with both of the Tuesday classes at 10am and 1.30pm.

I'm offering a free taster class for anybody keen to try it out, it's a great way to execise and be part of a group as the current Covid-19 restrictions still allow me to have group classes outdoors. I will be limiting numbers to 12 mums per class, there will be no shared equipment (please bring your own mat/towel/blanket for a few core exercises that we'll do on the grass). I will bring resistance bands and you will get one to use for the duration of the class.

Get in touch by email [email protected] or send me a private message on facebook to get started.

I'll share some of the feedback from my first classes on my facebook page. Lots of lovely positive comments, thank you to everyone who came along.

By fitasamonkey, Jan 8 2018 11:33AM

What a lovely frosty Monday morning to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas festivities, the beach was totally frozen this morning for my first personal training session (and still pitch black even at the end - 7.30am) even the seaweed was frozen!

I'm just warming up with a cup of tea and getting my diary sorted for the year ahead, if you or anyone you know needs some help to get on track with their health and fitness goals then ask them to email me [email protected] to see what I can do for them.

Circuits by the Sea and Mummies and Buggies classes still running all winter and there are a few slots in my timetable for the more personalised 1:1 sessions.

By fitasamonkey, Oct 16 2017 02:40PM

Well after a fairly dry spell of weather both last week and this week have been a bit blustery and wet at Musselburgh mummies and buggies!

The "whatever the weather" tag line was challenged but 5 mums turned up and the class went ahead despite the fairly constant rain.

It's at this time of year I struggle a bit with the transition to winter as it's head-torch on for my morning beach sessions and most of my evening is also spent exercising with people in the dark.... bring on the frosty blue sky winter days, I love them!

By fitasamonkey, Apr 24 2017 03:03PM

I'm not sure why but it looks like I only remember about the blog part of my website in April and the last time was 2015...! Ooops! You'll be glad to hear that Fit as a Monkey has been going strong over the last 2 years, the lack of blog maybe just shows that the monkeys and I have been keeping busy!

Today it was a lovely sunny morning for a busy Musselburgh mums and buggies class in Lewisvale Park and I even managed to get some good photos of the action.

My new resolution is to keep my blog updated and to keep my social media active - you'll find Fit as a Monkey on Facebook and instagram.

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Instagram username: fitasamonkey

By fitasamonkey, Apr 14 2015 02:15PM

I had good intentions of doing a monthly blog..... so it's been 12 months.... ooops!

Looking at my last post about functional fitness it's a good time of year to get back into the garden and up the activity levels - cutting the grass, trimming the hedge, planting many vegetables, weeding - all good ways to stay active!

Time to get back to more regular blog posts - spring/summer resolution :-)

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