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Embrace your inner child!

By fitasamonkey, Feb 24 2014 09:57AM

I had a very productive weekend which was a mixture of being a responsible adult and embracing my inner child!

Friday afternoon was devoted to functional fitness, clearing out the greenhouse and weeding for a good 3 hours. Saturday involved visiting the Lego shop in Glasgow (with 3 other "adults"), see the photo for my wonderful mini-figure creations - we had to elbow some small children out of the way and some other big kids to get into the buckets of Lego heads/bodies/legs. Sunday morning was set aside to fix the greenhouse, so all of the glass panes that were missing have been replaced with poly-carbonate ones which hopefully can withstand the crazy winds we get here in Cockenzie at times! Oh and then in the afternoon it was back to Lego, this time with my friends kids but I think the adults had as much fun building things!

So your challenge this week is to make sure you set aside some time to embrace your inner child - in amongst all of the chores that come with being an adult (!) - it could be as simple as skipping down the road (or galloping if you're familiar with MIranda Hart?!), having a go on a kids scooter (I highly recommend this), playing with Lego, having a wee go on the swings/slides at the park etc etc just do something fun and report back or put a photo on my facebook page!

Have a great week,

Becca :-)

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