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Halloween has to mean pumpkins (much tastier than turnips!)

By fitasamonkey, Oct 30 2013 10:37AM

I can't quite believe we are already at the end of October where has 2013 gone...?!

I've been trying to get back to lots of home cooking and trying at least one new recipe a week so this week I've made Thai Pumpkin soup. The link to the original recipe is below but I have to admit I tweaked it a bit so I could use ingredients I already had!

- 2 medium red onions instead of a white onion

- I didn't grate ginger I used my handy tube of ginger which was much easier!

- 1.5 tablespoons of green thai curry paste as that was what was in the fridge (reduced quantity as it's a really spicy one!)

- chicken stock because I had some homemade in the fridge from my roast chicken

- a squeeze of lemon juice (didn't have a lime!) and didn't add any sugar

(if you don't fancy peeling your pumpkin - it is a good workout mind you - then simply roast it in the skin and scoop out the roasted flesh and add to the soup)

Oh and I added a good handful of roast chicken to make it a full meal with protein.

Other than that I followed the recipe and it was really tasty!

Have fun and let me know how you get on - email [email protected], or find me on facebook or twitter

Happy Halloween :-)

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