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By fitasamonkey, Nov 7 2013 11:11AM


SO if you've been receiving my emails or checking out my facebook you'll know all about the Move-Ember challenge. Designed to take less than 15 minutes and get you more active throughout November in preparation for the festive season!

A big well done to everyone who has completed the daily challenge every day so far!

A little pat on the back to those of you who have admitted to only doing it once or twice.... and an understanding (?!) frown for those of you who just haven't had the time!!

For week 2 and lets up the challenge - please note this is still on top of any workouts already in your weekly routine.

Starting tomorrow - Friday 8th and taking you up to Thursday 14th November


- 10 minutes of fast walking (jogging/running if you can, cycling as an option if running is no good for you) - try to pick up the pace from last week

- 1 minute plank - add in 10 extra seconds each day so you should be up to 2 minutes by the end of the week. If you are already a plank expert (not naming names but one of my star pupils did a 4 minute plank this week - yes seriously!) then why not try to increase your side plank - start 30 seconds each side and add 10 seconds each day

- 25 tricep dips (use a wall. bench, step anything you can find!)

Stretch out those muscles to finish

So that's still not even 15 minutes a day, which is definitely achievable!

**small print - you must do this daily don't miss a day and double up or do it all in one go to make up the 7 days!

Stay active and let me know how you get on,


Becca (get in touch - [email protected])

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