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By fitasamonkey, Oct 30 2013 10:37AM

I can't quite believe we are already at the end of October where has 2013 gone...?!

I've been trying to get back to lots of home cooking and trying at least one new recipe a week so this week I've made Thai Pumpkin soup. The link to the original recipe is below but I have to admit I tweaked it a bit so I could use ingredients I already had!

- 2 medium red onions instead of a white onion

- I didn't grate ginger I used my handy tube of ginger which was much easier!

- 1.5 tablespoons of green thai curry paste as that was what was in the fridge (reduced quantity as it's a really spicy one!)

- chicken stock because I had some homemade in the fridge from my roast chicken

- a squeeze of lemon juice (didn't have a lime!) and didn't add any sugar

(if you don't fancy peeling your pumpkin - it is a good workout mind you - then simply roast it in the skin and scoop out the roasted flesh and add to the soup)

Oh and I added a good handful of roast chicken to make it a full meal with protein.

Other than that I followed the recipe and it was really tasty!

Have fun and let me know how you get on - email [email protected], or find me on facebook or twitter

Happy Halloween :-)

By fitasamonkey, Oct 7 2013 09:54AM

My blog has been neglected over the last wee while due to my new website being created and launched! I started by wanting to make a birthday present for my Dad and decided on a driftwood boat and then it's developed from there.

Please check it out and see what you think - there is also a facebook page with lots of photos

All feedback (emails below) greatly appreciated and rest assured Fit as a Monkey will remain my number 1 priority :-)

[email protected]

[email protected]

By fitasamonkey, Aug 30 2013 01:19PM

Having had a week off from work (and eating sensibly!) I decided it was time to trial the 5:2 fasting diet.... This week that involved a test run Wednesday to see if I could cope with only 500 calories in a day!

So the concept is that you choose 2 non-consecutive days to "fast" which means only eating 500 calories and for the rest of the week you eat normally (about 1500-2000 calories depending on the person).

Well.... I managed and although I did feel a bit hungry at times what I struggled with was the lack of energy, for 500 calories its hard to get many carbohydrates in....

Here's a summary of my day:

6am up and out the house (after a glass of water)

Personal training sessions 6.30 - 9am

Cooking gluten and lactose free foods for a friend 9.30-1.30pm

*12pm bowl of broccoli and cauliflower soup with a rice cake (100 calories)

Home for a few hours - shower/emails/prepare my main meal

*3.30pm Tuna steak (150 calories) steamed broccoli, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes and garlic mushrooms made using light olive oil in the wok (129 calories)

*4pm handful of strawberries (21 calories)

Personal training 5.15-6.15pm

*Apple (45 calories)

Circuits class 6.30-7.30 followed by personal training 8-9pm

*10pm rice cake with a thin spread of peanut butter and a glass of squash (55 calories)


Probably drank about 3 litres of water and 1 cup of nettle tea :-)

So I had fasted from 8pm Tuesday until 12pm Wednesday - 16 hours and then managed to eat 500 calories spread out over the rest of the day. I have to say when I woke up on Thursday I had to eat a banana and an apple on route to my first client for a 6.45am personal training session!

Apparently it gets easier so next week I intend to attempt to fast on the Monday and Wednesday and complete a full 5:2 week.... wish me luck!!

Please do let me know if you've tried this! Get in touch via email [email protected] or facebook or twitter (make sure it's medically suitable for you to do it if you want to try it - if you have trouble maintaining a level blood sugar during the day then I would say it's not for you)

By fitasamonkey, Jul 23 2013 01:11PM

Having survived the heat of the last few weeks I'm catching up with admin today while it rains outside.

Last week I was asked to cover an Ageing Well class in Prestonpans which was great fun even though I didn't really know what to expect or what the normal class instructor does (my brief was no jumping/no floor exercises/no sweating). It was really supposed to be a low impact aerobics class BUT my exercise to music is a bit questionable at the best of times never mind when it's supposed to be a dance type class...! So I had to think on my feet and adapt my exercises while marching "in time" to the music :-)

While I was doing it I kept getting flash backs to this video that was brought to my attention by one of my male PT clients:

I'm now planning my session for Friday when the Ageing Well ladies will have to put up with my lack of rhythm once more!!

By fitasamonkey, Jul 15 2013 04:27PM

Wow what a wonderful few weeks it has been, a far cry from the wet summer we had last year - never before have I had people complaining that it's too hot to exercise! I have been having to find shady spots to keep people out of the direct sunlight... So I hope everybody is managing to stay hydrated? Minimum 2 litres of water a day and more if you are exercising or just sweating a lot....

My garden in Cockenzie has certainly been drinking a lot of water!

I've set all of my PT clients a wee challenge this week to keep them active - there have been too many BBQs, ice creams and jugs of Pimms being consumed!

Daily challenge:

30 minute walk (can be 2 x 15 minutes)

20 squats after your walk (add in a jump if you want to push your legs a bit more)

20 push ups (use a wall, a bench or just hit the deck and do them!)

Are you up for it? Excellent, let me know how you get on :-)

If you need more of a push then get in touch by email [email protected]

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