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Personal training and fitness classes in East Lothian

Personal Training

All of my personal training sessions will include a focus on what you eat. I will analyse what you currently eat, drink and how much activity you do (through you keeping a food diary for a week).  In line with your personal goals we will look at changes that you could make to help you achieve that goal.


Just remember "you are what you eat" so nutrition plays a hugely important part for everybody.


I will use my Tanita scales to do an initial body composition analysis which will tell me your current hydration levels, body fat %, weight (including mass of bones and muscle) this will provide a starting point. We will focus on whichever area is relevant to you and monitor progress over the weeks.

Ante and Post Natal

Personal Consultation

Pregnant? I can write an exercise programme based on your current fitness levels that will make sure you can exercise safely and effectively throughout your pregnancy.

Post Natal? If you've had your GP/midwife check and have the all clear to exercise then I can help you return to fitness.

Time for a change?  Do you need to improve your health, energy levels, wellbeing or fitness?

Or know someone who does?!


Great news, I'm here to help.  Come along for a free initial consultation so that I can set a goal relevant to you and then together we can formulate a plan to start working towards achieving the results you want.  I am a freelance Personal Trainer so sessions can be held somewhere that suits you.


Personal training sessions will be 1:1 but if you want to workout with a friend/friends then look at the Prices page for the different options - just get in touch and let me know what you would like, no job too big or too small!

Weight Management

Do you feel uncomfortable with your current weight?

Are you worried about the health risks of being over or under weight?

If you're ready to make some changes then get in touch and I will help you to feel and look fit and healthy.