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Testimonials continued....

Jane, Boxercise class client

"Fun and fitness is a magic combination Becca runs great sessions that vary each time and creates a great atmosphere for the class to get fitter together. Always positive and encouraging fitasamonkey helps me stay motivated to keep fit."

Mummies and Buggies client

"I was a little nervous coming along to mummies and buggies circuits, I always hated the gym and even pre-pregnancy my fitness levels were pretty low.  I had however gained 4 stone while pregnant and knew I needed to shift this and get a bit fitter.  I worried the class would be full of gym bunnies who all were super fit and I would look a fool.  I surprised myself by really enjoying the first class.  It was relaxed, the teacher was welcoming and the activities were pitched just right - you could take things at your own pace.  I have been going for 3 months now and am reaping the benefits.  I have all but lost the baby weight and can really see an improvement in my fitness - it is really heartening to now be able to run without getting so out of breath!

Seeing how each week I felt fitter at the circuits class also motivated me to change my diet and try to walk more during the week.  It is a lovely social class and I have recommended it to lots of new mums as a good way to get out and get moving.  I am really glad that I had the courage to turn up in the first place."

Claire, Mummies and Buggies and PT

"Fit as a monkey has really helped me get back to normal after the birth of my son. The mums and buggies classes are great fun and very effective, plus Becca's given me some excellent nutritional advice, and has tailored a really impressive workout routine from home. Becca's also very relaxed and great with babies - quite unique as a personal trainer in this way! Thanks Becca :)"

Katy, Mummies and Buggies Class

"Monday's buggy circuits class is great. I've been attending along with some of my NCT classmates for a few weeks. As well as being a good excuse to get out of the house, mummies and babies get fresh air while the mummies take steps towards regaining fitness and losing the pregnancy weight (despite always having coffee and cake after class!). Classes have a relaxed atmosphere and are structured to allow the mums to vary intensity as required."

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